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Shenzhen TopTag Technology Co., Ltd is established in 2008, as a leading RFID manufacturer with a wide range of products and services to offer. With years of experience in the industry, We have built a strong reputation for providing high-quality RFID products and services to businesses of all sizes and industries.
Our products range from RFID tags, labels, cards, and wristbands to RFID readers, antennas, and software solutions. We offer a variety of customization options to ensure that our products meet your specific needs and requirements.
Our keyword is : High-quality products;
                              Competitive price;
                              Flexible Customization;
                              Excellent customer service;
We are passionate about providing innovative RFID solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. We believe that RFID technology has the potential to transform the way businesses operate, and we are dedicated to helping our customers leverage this technology to achieve their business objectives.

Main Products

TopTag specialises in various RFID tags and labels with different shapes and materials. Our tags range from low frequency to Ultra-high frequency, like custom nfc wristband, custom uv printed rfid blocking card, custom laundry rfid tags, uhf rfid anti metal tag, self adhesive rfid tags and so on, which are widely used in NFC Field, Mobile Payment, Access Control, supply chain management, inventory management, storage & logistics management, livestock management and so on.


RFID iButton for Access Control System Keychain

The RFID iButton for Access Control System Keychain can be used in patrol and attendance, e-ticketing, loyalty systems, marketing, as well as for access control and security purposes.

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NFC Card

The Custom UV Printed RFID Blocking Card is a secure, stylish, and versatile solution that advances contactless technology and enhances efficiency and security in various industries.

PVC wristband

RFID PVC Wristband

RFID PVC wristbands in hospitals improve patient management, access control, medication tracking, localization, and safety, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and healthcare service quality.

UHF RFID Ear Tag for Cattle

UHF RFID Ear Tag for Cattle

UHF RFID Electronic Ear Tags Long Reading Distance TPU

Cow Cattle Earrings with QR Code Printing

Type: VT-D01

Size: 69*79*3mm

Material: TPU

Reading Distance: 0.1~5m

Weight: 16g

Working Temperature: -40~80℃

Working Frequency: 125KHz/134.2KHz/13.56MHz/915MHz

Chip: TK4100/ EM4305/ I CODE SLIX/ Alien H4

Color: red/blue/yellow/green/white (customized available)

Crafts: Laser Printing, Number, QR code.

RFID Animal Syringe Glass Tube Tag with Microchip

RFID Animal Syringe Glass Tube Tag with Microchip

Best Price ICAR Certified 134.2Khz EM4305 Glass Tubes with Injector

RFID Animal Microchip with Syringe for Livestock/Pet Management

Type: VT-G

Material: Bio-coating,bioglass,antibacterial,antiallergic

Reading Distance:1-10cm;

Working Temperature: Minus20 ℃~50℃;   storage temperature:-40 ℃~70℃


IC Chip: TK4102/ EM4305/ Hitg-S256;

PPS RFID Industrial Tag PPS Coin Tag

PPS RFID Industrial Tag PPS Coin Tag

Favourite Security Waterproof Rfid Tags, Mutiple Size Heat

Resistance Tag PPS Coin tag for laundry use

Type: PPS Coin Tag

Size: dia50mm/35mm/30mm/26mm/25.5mm/17mm/14mm

Material: PPS

Chip: Alien Higgs-3  Monza R6 or Custom

Working Frequency: 902-928MHz/ 865-868MHz

Operating Temperature: -50 ~ +230℃

Reading Distance: 0.1~3.5m

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Disposable UHF RFID Plastic Tie Tag

Promotion Waterproof Adhesive Rfid Tags, Business Cable Zip Tie

Intelligent Sensor Rfid Customer Service For Equipment

Type: VT-Z01

Size: 28*88*380mm

Color: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White or Customized

Working Frequency: 902-928MHz/ 865-868MHz

Material: ABS/PP/Nylon

Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +80℃

Weight: 13g

Reading Distance: 0.1~5 m

Additional Crafts: laser printing or silk printing, logo, QR code, numbers

ABS UHF RFID Hard Shelf Tag

ABS UHF RFID Hard Shelf Tag

RFID UHF electronic tags Library shelf tags, Warehouse

management tags, Assets Management Rfid Tags

Type: VT-XL

Size: dia 25/30/35/40/45/50/52mm

Material: ABS


Working Frequency: 840~960MHz;

Weight: 15g

Crafts: Laser engrave logo, silk or screen printing, numbers, bar code,etc.

UHF RFID Waste Bin Tag

UHF Custom RFID Waste Bin Tag

Custom RFID Waste Bin Tags, with their customization, data-driven capabilities, and potential for sustainability, offer a transformative solution for more efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly waste management across various sectors.

Impact Resistant UHF RFID Tag

Impact Resistant UHF RFID Tag

High pressure resistance special RFID metal tag uhf tag for industry use

Type: VT-J01

Size: 72*42*12mm

Material: 304 Stainless Steel+PPS

Reading Distance: 0.1~5m

Weight: 75g

Working Temperature: -40~220℃

Working Frequency: 865~868MHz/  902~928MHz

Chip Available: Alien Higgs-3 Monza R6 or Customized;

Crafts Available: Laser Printing logo or other information.

Flexible TPU RFID Tag

Flexible TPU RFID Tag

Flexible Plastic UHF TPU RFID Shelf Tag, Installed on
the Curved Surface, suitable for more application choice

Operating Frequency: 902-928MHz/ 865-868MHz

Chip: Alien Higgs-3 MONZA R8 or Custom

Working Temperature: -40 ~ +80℃

Reading Distance: 0.1~5 m

Custom size, color and chip available

Rfid Tree Nail Tag

Customized Rfid Tree Nail Tag

Customized Plastic ABS Tree Tracking Smart Tag High Frequency Long range

860-960MHz Passive RFID Tree Nail Tag for Wood Management

Type: VT-T

Material: ABS

Reading Distance: 0.1~5m

Working Temperature: -30~85℃

Working Frequency: 125KHz/13.56MHz/ ISO1443A/ISO15693

Chip Available: TK4100/ EM4102/EM4200/EM4550/T5577/F08

Crafts Available: Laser Printing, UV printing.

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Custom RFID Cable Tie Tag QR Code Printing

Custom RFID cable tie tags are versatile solutions for efficient cable organization and precise equipment tracking. With embedded RFID technology and optional QR code printing, they serve a broad spectrum of industry needs.

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Silk Printing Logo RFID Silicone Wristband

Silk Printing Logo RFID Silicone Wristband Printable Bracelet with LF HF microchip

Type: SW-001

`Material: Environmental Silicone;

Size Available: 260*17*3 mm or customized;

Weight: 18.5 g;

Working Temperature: -30~220℃;

Working Frequency: 125KHz/13.56MHz/860-960MHz;

Color: red/blue/yellow/green/white (customized available)

Crafts: Laser Printing, Embossed/Debossed Logo, QR code, silkscreen printing.

TM Ibutton

TM Ibutton

Low Temperature Resistant RFID TM Ibuttons with Plastic Holder

Electronic Key DS1990 Touch Memory Card for Access Control

Material: plastic holder+stainless steel Ibutton

iButton Size: 16.25*5.89mm

Model: Read-onlyTM1990A-F5 (also called DS1990A-F5

Readable and writable: RW1990, RW2004, TM01A

Memory Size: 64bits

Formats: Dallas, Cyfral, Metekom

Classifications: Common TMmagnetic TM

Technique: Code engraving

Plastic holder colorblack, white, red, green, blue, yellow,orange or customized.

read time: 350,000 times

Life Time: 10years

Silicone RFID Laundry Tag

Custom UHF RFID Laundry Tag Silicone

Custom UHF RFID Laundry Tag Silicone is a high-frequency RFID tag tailored for the laundry industry, crafted from durable silicone for reliable identification and tracking throughout commercial washing processes.


We are proud to provide comprehensive solutions as a professional RFID solution provider. We are committed to innovating high-quality products and tailor-made solutions for customers in various industries. From custom RFID gas cylinder tags to RFID nail tag from manufacturer and then to custom RFID waste bin tags, our products are widely used in industry, logistics and environmental protection, realizing intelligent management and tracking. We are also a manufacturer of embeddable RFID tire tags, providing innovative solutions for vehicle management and tire tracking. As a professional animal label manufacturer, we provide intelligent animal management solutions for the agriculture and breeding industry, helping to realize the refined management of the breeding process. No matter what field your needs belong to, we can tailor customized RFID solutions for you to achieve smarter and more efficient operation management.

Traffic and Parking
Logistics and Supply Chain
Smart Retail
Assets Management
Animal Management


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