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RFID Animal Syringe Glass Tube Tag with Microchip

Best Price ICAR Certified 134.2Khz EM4305 Glass Tubes with Injector

RFID Animal Microchip with Syringe for Livestock/Pet Management

Type: VT-G

Material: Bio-coating,bioglass,antibacterial,antiallergic

Reading Distance:1-10cm;

Working Temperature: Minus20 ℃~50℃;   storage temperature:-40 ℃~70℃


IC Chip: TK4102/ EM4305/ Hitg-S256;

Products Parameters:

Avaliable size
1.25*7mm, 1.4*8mm, 2*8mm, 2*12mm, 3*15mm etc.
Working frequency
134.2KHz,125Khz, 13.56MHz
ISO11784/785, IS014443A
ID number programming
100% Medical-grade sterilization
Chip Feature
Animal pets management.etc


RFID Glass Tag (Transponder) is a special design for animals like pets or wildlife, for animal identification and tracking. For pet microchip used for animal identification(or tagging animals), there are 3 standard: ISO11784/785 FDX-A, FDX-B and HDX.1.4x8mm now is the smallest sized pet microchip, widely used for tagging fish, mice, etc such very small animals; while 2x12mm is the common sized and popularly used on the market for dog, cat, horse, etc. At so far, we just developed a new product, 1.4x8mm in FDX-A format, as far as we know that, 1.4x8mm could only be FDX-B format because of the big rfid chip’s size, so, we now are the unique manufacturer who can supply FDX-A glass transponders at the smallest size

1.4×8, 1.5×8, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, 2×12, 3×13, 3.85×23, 3.85×32, 4x34mm
1.4×8, 1.5×8, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, 2×12, 3×13, 3.85×23, 3.85×32, 4x34mm
2×12, 3×13, 3.85×23, 3.85×32, 4x34mm


1. Contactless identification: RFID injectable animal tags allow for contactless reading and identification through wireless radio frequency signals. They provide a convenient and fast method for confirming animal identities without physical contact.
1. High reliability: These tags are typically made of durable materials and can operate stably on animals for extended periods. They have excellent resistance to water, impact, and environmental interference.
2. Large storage capacity: The embedded chips in RFID tags can store a significant amount of animal information, such as identity, vaccination records, genetic data, etc., providing rich data for animal management and research.
3. Efficient tracking and management: With RFID readers, quick and accurate identification and tracking of a large number of animals can be achieved. This aids in individual animal identification, animal population management, disease monitoring, and more.
4. Tamper resistance and security: Due to being implanted inside the animal’s body, RFID injectable animal tags are difficult to tamper with or remove, providing higher tamper resistance and security.


1. Agriculture and livestock: RFID injectable animal tags are extensively used in livestock management for individual animal identification, tracking, vaccination management, and disease monitoring. They improve productivity and management in the livestock industry.
2. Laboratory animal research: In laboratory animal research, the tags are used for identifying and tracking experimental animals, recording physiological parameters, behavioral activities, and other data, aiding scientists in animal behavior and biology studies.
3. Wildlife conservation: These products are employed for tracking and monitoring wildlife, helping conservationists gather crucial information such as species distribution, migration patterns, population numbers, etc., for the protection and management of wildlife resources.
4. Pet management: RFID injectable animal tags are utilized for pet identification and management, enabling pet owners to track their pets’ locations, health records, medical information, etc., enhancing pet safety and management convenience.

RFID Animal Syringe Glass Tube Tag with Microchip


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