What are the types of RFID&NFC electronic tag packaging?

The main types of RFID electronic label packaging are as follows   1. Coated paper label: Coated paper RFID tag is a very common form ...

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US entomologists plan to use RFID tags to monitor the whereabouts of Asian giant hornets Asian ‘killer

Asian ‘killer hornets’ invade the US Bryan, Wash. — In his decades of beekeeping, Ted McFall had never seen anything like it. Last November, when ...

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Should the handwritten wristband be made of PVC or TVK?

Medical handwritten wristbands are identification wristbands that medical staff use a ballpoint pen or oil-based pen to manually write the patient’s name, gender, department, hospital ...

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What kind of precautions should we take when RFID tags are selected?

RFID technology is one of the main means of automatic counting, because it is an indispensable part of the RFID system, but in the majority ...

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