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Impact Resistant UHF RFID Tag

High pressure resistance special RFID metal tag uhf tag for industry use

Type: VT-J01

Size: 72*42*12mm

Material: 304 Stainless Steel+PPS

Reading Distance: 0.1~5m

Weight: 75g

Working Temperature: -40~220℃

Working Frequency: 865~868MHz/  902~928MHz

Chip Available: Alien Higgs-3 Monza R6 or Customized;

Crafts Available: Laser Printing logo or other information.

Item Name Impact Resistant UHF RFID Tag
IC Type Alien H3
Protocol EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C
Frequency (US)902-928MHz, (EU) 865-868MHz
Memory EPC 96bits, USER 512bits, TID64bits
Material Stainless Steel + PPS

Industrial Manufacturing, High Temperature Environment, Project Patrol,

Outdoor Equipment Tracking, ect

Write Cycles 100,000 times
Mounting Methods Screw, Rivet, Adhesive
Operatino Temperature -25 to +150


An impact resistant UHF RFID tag is a type of ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID tag that possesses the capability to withstand pressure. It is designed with special structures and materials that allow it to maintain normal RFID functionality and performance even under pressure or compression.


Widely used in the Electronic Distribution System, Malhole cover Inspection, Base station Tracking, Public Bike Management Security checking point and so on.

Here are the key features of an impact resistant UHF RFID tag:

1. High pressure resistance: These tags are built with special structures and materials that offer strong resistance to pressure. They can withstand high levels of pressure and weight without being damaged. They are suitable for applications that involve working under pressure or embedding them in objects subject to pressure.
2. Extended read range: impact resistant UHF RFID tags typically have larger antennas and optimized circuit designs, enabling stable and reliable RFID reads over longer distances.
3. Wide range of applications: These tags find applications in various scenarios that require pressure resistance, such as logistics packaging, heavy equipment identification, transportation container management, etc. They provide reliable identification and tracking capabilities in environments with compression, stacking, or pressure.
The applications of anti-pressure UHF RFID tags include, but are not limited to, the following fields:
1. Logistics and supply chain management: In logistics and supply chain environments, impact resistant UHF RFID tags can be used for tracking goods, warehouse management, and automated logistics control, ensuring the tags’ functionality during transportation and stacking.
2. Construction and job site management: These tags can be applied in construction and job site management for equipment and material identification and tracking, facilitating real-time monitoring and inventory management.
3. Heavy equipment identification: Impact resistant UHF RFID tags are suitable for identifying and tracking heavy equipment such as machinery and engineering vehicles, improving equipment management efficiency and security.
4. Transportation container management: In logistics and transportation processes, impact resistant UHF RFID tags can be used for identifying and tracking transportation containers, ensuring effective cargo tracking and secure delivery.
Impact resistant UHF RFID tags play a crucial role in applications that require pressure resistance and tracking capabilities, offering efficient identification and management solutions.

Impact Resistant UHF RFID Tag

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