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Different Styles Available 13.56Mhz Readable and Writable RFID Key Fob

125Khz Read-only ABS Key Tag for Access Control

Model :RFID Key Fob

Material:  ABS

Size :35*28*6.5mm (different styles have different sizes)

Frequency :125khz,  13.56mhz , UHF

Protocal :ISO11784/5, ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, ISO18000-6C

Chip: 125khz: TK4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577 etc

13.56mhz : F08, Mifare, Icode Sli, RF32 etc

UHF: Alien H3/4/5, Monza4/5/6Other common chips are also available.

Feature: Durable, waterproof, easy to carry

Color: Black , white , yellow, red, green , etc( customized color available

when order qty over 10000pcs )

Application:1. For Patrol and time attendance 2. E-ticketing, Loyalty

System, Marketing3. Access Control & Security

category: tags:


RFID key fobs are made of ABS case and RFID chip. It can work with 125KHz low frequency, 13.56MHz high frequency and 860-960Mhz ultra high frequency. Normally, they are used for door access control, membership management and identification application. We support custom logo printed, including screen printing and offset printing, even sticker logo as you want,  and UID engraved on the case. Different styles and colors are available.


Some personalized customization processes about our keychain:

1. Customized Enclosure: The enclosure of the keychain can be customized based on customer requirements, including dimensions, shapes, colors, and materials. Options may include plastic, metal, or ceramic materials, with personalized customization through printing or engraving.

2. Customized Antenna: The keychain’s antenna can be optimized to enhance communication and identification performance, considering factors such as shape, size, and material. For example, custom-shaped loop antennas or U-shaped antennas can be utilized to suit different application scenarios.

3. Customized Label: The keychain’s label can be customized with graphics, text, QR codes, etc., to meet specific customer needs. In applications such as membership cards and payment systems, personal information or account details can be incorporated into the label.

4. Anti-Counterfeiting Technology: Implementing anti-counterfeiting technology on RFID keychains can effectively prevent forgery and theft. Magnetic anti-counterfeiting labels, optical anti-counterfeiting labels, and other technologies can be employed to enhance security and reliability.


-1 , It is widely used for ,door access control.
-2 , Each key fob with an global unique UID number .
-3 , Many color can choose . Black , blue , green , yallow , Grey in stock . Other color can be customized too . Blue one is the hot selling one.


In everyday life, RFID keychains find application in various scenarios. Here are a few common examples:
1. Access Control Management: RFID keychains can function as access cards, enabling automatic recognition and control of entrances and exits through integration with access control systems, enhancing both security and convenience.
2. Asset Management: RFID keychains can be used for asset tracking and management. By attaching a tag to the keychain, accurate records of asset locations and statuses can be maintained, improving efficiency in asset management.
3. Logistics and Warehouse Management: RFID keychains facilitate tracking and management of goods. By adding a tag to the keychain, automatic identification and monitoring of goods can be achieved, enhancing efficiency in logistics and warehouse management.
4. Membership Cards and Payment Systems: RFID keychains can serve as membership cards or payment cards, enabling member identification and payment functions through system integration, providing convenient membership services and payment experiences.
In summary, RFID keychains offer customization options to suit individual requirements, providing tailored solutions for different applications.




With or without polybag, separate package;

200 pcs/box, 180pcs/box, 150 pcs/box;

250boxes/carton, 16boxes/carton, 6boxes/carton or as required;

Shipping way:

We have strong cooperation with DHL, FEDEX, TNT, UPS, EMS, Forwarder by sea and by air.

You can also choose your own shipping forwarder.


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