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Type: VT-Q06

Size: 80*30mm

Color: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White or Customized

Working Frequency: 902-928MHz/ 865-868MHz

Material: ABS/PP and Steel

Chip: H3M4QT/ Alien H4/ M4/ MONZA 4QT/ R6P

Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +80℃

Weight: 18g

Reading Distance: 0.1~5 m

Additional Crafts: laser printing or silk printing, logo, QR code, numbers

Product 13.56MHz HF UHF NFC Zip RFID Cable Tie Tag
Material Steel
Size Customized size
Frequency 13.56 MHz, 860-960 MHz
Protocal ISO14443A, ISO18000-6C, ISO15693, etc
Chip Alien H3, Alien H4, Monza 4QT, Monza 4E, Monza 4D, Monza 5, etc
Memory 512 bits, 144 Byte, 504 Byte, 888 Byte, etc
Reading/Writing distance 1-10cm, 1-10m, depends on the reader and environment
Personalization Serial number, barcode, QR code, encoding, etc
Shipment By Express, by air, by sea
Application -Logistics / Identification, Asset Tracking
-Inventory Management / ePayment / E-ticket
-Aviation luggage tag / Apparel Tag
-Vehicle Windshield Tag / Libaray Books Label
-Industrial and Commercial item label

Introduction about RFID Lead Seal Tag:

RFID Lead Seal Tag are a type of secure sealing device used to close and identify goods or containers. They typically consist of a steel wire and a lead seal tag. The steel wire is used to secure the opening of the goods or containers and is tightly connected to the tag, ensuring the integrity and tamper-evident nature of the seal. The lead seal tag often contains a unique serial number or identification for tracking and identifying the sealed contents. This type of sealing device is widely used in the fields of logistics, transportation, freight, and security.

RFID lead seal tags have various specific applications, including:

1. Goods transportation and logistics: RFID lead seal tags are used to seal containers, cargo trucks, and railway freight vehicles, ensuring the safety and integrity of the goods during transportation.
2. Aviation security: RFID lead seal tags are employed to seal luggage, cargo compartments, and aircraft equipment, preventing unauthorized storage, carrying, or tampering with items.
3. Maritime security: RFID lead seal tags are widely used in ocean shipping to seal containers and ship cargo holds, ensuring the safety and non-tampering of goods during long-distance transportation.
4. Bank and vault security: RFID lead seal tags are used to seal and identify vaults, safes, and cash boxes, providing theft and tamper protection.
5. Energy and resource sectors: In industries such as oil, gas, and mining, RFID lead seal tags are used to seal and identify pipelines, storage tanks, and equipment, ensuring safety and preventing unauthorized access.
6. Confidentiality and authentication of items: RFID lead seal tags can be used to seal and identify documents, luggage, letters, and important items, safeguarding confidentiality and verifying the authenticity of items.
These are some of the primary application scenarios for RFID lead seal tags, but they are not limited to these. Depending on specific needs and industry requirements, they may find applications in other areas as well.


1.A highly secure, high tech alternative to conventional padlocks, that combines long-range reading performance for Supply Chain solution.
2.Waterproof , strapped tightly, so it’s ok for those water and harsh outdoor environments, such as the logistic management for the truck, container, express package and so on, as well as some industrial parts.

QR Code Printing RFID Cable Tie Tag

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Shenzhen TopTag Technology Co., Ltd is established in 2008 with two main offices located in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. TopTag is founded by a group of passionate and creative people with rich RFID trading and manufacture experience.

TopTag specializes in various RFID tags and labels with different shapes and materials. Our tags range from low, high and ultra-high frequency, which are widely used in NFC, Mobile Payment, Access Control, supply chain management, inventory management, storage & logistics management, livestock management and other areas. We also have production lines of RFID blocking products including RFID blocking card holder, RFID blocking cards and signal blocking pouches etc.

We are not only dedicating to R&D, manufacturing and sales, but also provides technical consulting service and support. Customized service is also available for our customers , like customizing tags and labels in terms of function, shape and material.


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