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Rfid Tree Nail Tag

Customized Plastic ABS Tree Tracking Smart Tag High Frequency Long range

860-960MHz Passive RFID Tree Nail Tag for Wood Management

Type: VT-T

Material: ABS

Reading Distance: 0.1~5m

Working Temperature: -30~85℃

Working Frequency: 125KHz/13.56MHz/ ISO1443A/ISO15693

Chip Available: TK4100/ EM4102/EM4200/EM4550/T5577/F08

Crafts Available: Laser Printing, UV printing.

Products Parameters:

RFID Nail tag chip 

-125KHZ chips: EM4102, EM4200, EM4550, T5577

-13.56Mhz chips: f08,1k

RFID Nail tag Feature

– Frequency: 125 kHz,13.56MHZ, 860~960Mhz
– Chip type: EM4102, EM4100,T5577
– Size: 6*36mm or customized
– Material: Plastic, nylon etc.
– Operating temperature: -25°C to +75°C 
– Storage temperature: -25°C to +85°C


– High data integrity, fast data transfer.

-Write endurance typcial at least 100000 cycles.

-Data retention of 10 years. 

-Anti-shock, waterproof and stable.


RFID nail tag is a nail shaped tag made by plastic ABS,which can be nailed into the wood for tracking and identification,  it is rust-resistant in wet and chemical environment.

What is RFID tree nail tags?

RFID tree nail tags are a type of radio frequency identification (RFID) device used for tree and timber management. They typically consist of an RFID chip and a nail with the embedded chip.

Features about the RFID tree nail tags:

1. Compact design: RFID tree nail tags are designed to be small in size, making them easy to install on trees or nail into timber without significantly impacting tree growth or wood quality.
2. High durability: These tags are usually made of weather-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, allowing them to operate reliably in outdoor environments for extended periods. They exhibit durability and resistance to interference.
3. Unique identification: Each RFID tree nail tag has a unique identification code, enabling individual trees or pieces of timber to be uniquely identified and tracked.
4. Long-distance identification: With the use of an RFID reader, trees or timber installed with RFID tree nail tags can be remotely identified and have their data read from a certain distance.

The applications of RFID tree nail tags mainly include:

1. Forestry management: RFID tree nail tags are used for tree identification, quantity counting, growth monitoring, and timber tracking in forestry management, enhancing efficiency and monitoring capabilities in forest resource management.
2. Timber traceability: By installing RFID tree nail tags on timber, traceability and management of timber can be achieved. This is significant for origin verification, transaction authentication, and prevention of illegal logging.
3. Research and scientific experiments: RFID tree nail tags can be utilized for scientific experiments and data collection in tree ecology, forest ecosystems, and timber quality research.
4. Anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting: RFID tree nail tags aid in preventing timber theft and counterfeiting. Identification and validation of timber with RFID tags ensure its legality and authenticity.
By employing RFID tree nail tags, tracking, management, and monitoring of trees and timber are facilitated, improving efficiency and traceability in resource management. They play a vital role in environmental protection, forestry economy, and the timber industry.


It’s uses very widely in forestry(tree) management, wood identification, industrial parts management and identification, property tracking, and process of production management.

Rfid Tree Nail Tag


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