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What are the types of RFID&NFC electronic tag packaging?

The main types of RFID electronic label packaging are as follows


1. Coated paper label: Coated paper RFID tag is a very common form in the industry, mainly composed of four layers, from top to bottom: coated paper surface, self-adhesive, inlay, self-adhesive, bottom paper. Among them, the surface layer of the coated paper can be printed with the logo of each of our customers or the information that needs to be conveyed. The inlay layer in the middle is generally composed of etched aluminum (or conductive silver paste) antenna + chip. The surface of the coated paper label can choose to add film, the label after adding film can play a waterproof role, and the gloss looks brighter.


2. PVC label: It is very similar to the above-mentioned coated paper RFID label, except that the top layer of the label is PVC. PVC itself has the effect of waterproofing, so it cannot be easily torn by hand, and the cost is slightly higher.


3. PET label: It is very similar to the above two labels, except that the top layer of the label is PET. PET is an environmentally friendly material and has a waterproof function (general oily liquids can be used).


4. ABS plastic label: Different from the above labels, its package is injection-molded, and the inlay is completely closed. ABS has the functions of high temperature resistance and waterproof.

5. Silicone tags: Silicone RFID tags are generally reflected in silicone wristbands and silicone laundry labels. Silicone wristbands are divided into open-loop and closed-loop. Open-loop wristbands generally have a smooth surface, and their closure is determined by the button at the end. , The main size of the closed-loop wristband is 74/65mm, and the silicone laundry label is generally rectangular, mainly used in clothing cleaning.


6. Anti-metal RFID tags: Some special RFID tags need to be attached to metal, but metal (or battery) will affect the transmission of RFID radio frequency signals. At this time, it needs to be equipped with ferrite, a metal oxide, which is called absorbing in the industry. Material, this material is more expensive than the label, which is related to its area thickness. The larger the area used and the thinner the thickness, the higher the cost. Anti-metal tag applications such as NFC rings, mobile phone back cover access control applications.


7. Fragile anti-tear and anti-reveal labels: Some anti-counterfeiting labels need to be destroyed at one time. The surface of the label is specially treated so that after it is attached to the item, the antenna will automatically break when it is lifted up. Play the function of anti-counterfeiting, such as valuables, tobacco and other specific applications.

Product Recommendation

Flexible TPU RFID Tag

Flexible TPU RFID Tag

Flexible Plastic UHF TPU RFID Shelf Tag, Installed on
the Curved Surface, suitable for more application choice

Operating Frequency: 902-928MHz/ 865-868MHz

Chip: Alien Higgs-3 MONZA R8 or Custom

Working Temperature: -40 ~ +80℃

Reading Distance: 0.1~5 m

Custom size, color and chip available

RFID Silicone Bracelet for Access Control

RFID Silicone Bracelet for Access Control

Customized logo UHF HF RFID Solutions Bracelet Wristbands

RFID Silicone wristband for Events

Type: SW-14

Material: Environmental Silicone;

Size Available: dia 53/55/59/62/67 mm or customized;

Weight: 14/12/15/13/15 g;

Working Temperature: -30~220℃;

Working Frequency: 125KHz/13.56MHz/860-960MHz;

Color: red/blue/yellow/green/white (customized available)

Crafts: Laser Printing, Embossed/Debossed Logo, QR code, Silkscreen Printing.

UHF RFID Tyre Tag for Vehicle Tracking

UHF RFID Tyre Tag for Vehicle Tracking

Long Reading Distance RFID Tire Tag UHF Tire Label for

Vehicle/Car Management

Type: VT-Tyre

Size: 95 × 35 × 2.5mm /120*70mm

Weight: 10g/35g

Chip: Monza 4

Working Frequency: 902-928MHz/ 865-868MHz

Standard Protocol:  ISO16000-6C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2;

Memory Resolution: Single byte addressing and locking;

Reading Distance: 0-10m

RFID Woven Wristband

RFID Woven Wristband

Nfc Fabric Wristband Durable Rfid Patient Wristbands

Various Colors Rfid Festival Wristbands

Type: WW-001

Material: Woven / Fabric ;

Weight: it depends on the size;

Working Frequency: 125KHz/13.56MHz/860-960MHz ;