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Library Management RFID Tag

Size Personalized 860-960Mhz Passive Anti Metal Self Tag with Self

Adhesive, Barcode Printing ABS UHF RFID Library Shelf Tag

Type: VT-B001

Size: 85*22*7mm

Material: ABS+Epoxy

Read Distance: 0.1~5m

Weight: 10g

Working Temperature: -40~80℃

Frequency: 125KHz/13.56MHz/ISO18000-6C

Chip: TK4100/ EM4305/ I CODE SLIX/ Alien H4

Crafts: Laser Printing, Number, QR code, 3M adhesive on the back, Epoxy Surface on the front

category: tags:

Products Parameters:

Material ABS
Printing Method Silk-screen printing,laser yards printing,etc
Craft Number encoding
iso18000-6c UHF Chip Alien H3, Monza 4/5/6
Fixing Method

with a screw or ahensive

Applications of Anti Metal RFID Tag

Attached to Machine, Container and other metal assets for Tracking

Ideal for logistics and transportation.



1.Waterproof, dust-proofand anti-metal for the certain condition needed.
2.Easy to use, M adhesive on the back or screwed to the wall or the metal as needed.
3.Large Storage and strong anti-disturbance, conveniently and widely used for assets management and tracking.


It is a type of RFID tag that is used to manage books, media, and other materials in a library. RFID tags for library management offer many benefits over traditional barcode-based systems. They allow for faster and more accurate inventory management, as multiple items can be scanned at once. They also allow for improved security, as the tags can be configured to trigger an alarm if an item is removed from the library without being checked out. Additionally, RFID tags can be used to automate many library processes, such as checking items in and out, tracking materials as they move through the library, and managing holds and reserves.


Library Management RFID Tag

Quickly identify library shelves
As we all know, the books in the library are not always arranged as expected, sometimes a bookshelf contains many kinds of books, at this time the use of RFID tags can quickly read what books should be placed on the shelf, what is the book number;
Library Management RFID Tag
Warehouse management
When you store or transport goods in the warehouse, if you are not convenient to see the information content of the goods up close, you can use RFID technology to read them remotely to quickly know whether the goods should be stored here or where they should be moved;


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