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Dual Frequency RFID Silicone Wristband

125khz RFID Wristband Manufacturer Waterproof Festival 13.56 Mhz RFID Wristband for Activists

Weight: 16 g;

Working Temperature: -30~220℃;

Working Frequency: 125KHz/13.56MHz/860-960MHz;


Color: red/blue/yellow/green/white (customized available)

Crafts: Laser Printing, Embossed/Debossed Logo, QR code, silkscreen printing.

Products Parameters:

Product Name

Double-chip RFID Silicone Wristband

Model Number



Silicone/ Rubber


 dia 72 mm or customized

Reading range

0-5cm for LF/HF wristband,2-3m for UHF wristband

Available chip

125kz wristband

TK4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577,etc

13.56mhz wristband

RF08, RF32

UHF wristband

Alien H3,Monza 4/5/6

Application area of RFID wristband

Events/ Promotional Events, swimming pool, waterpark, theme park,  sauna, gym for ticketing. payment, check-in, attendence etc. 


RFID wristbands are a low cost RFID wristband solution for any RFID or NFC integration. Here in Toptag, we can supply different custom nylon wristbands with an embedded RFID chips like F08, I CODE SLI, NFC tags or others. Our RFID wristbands can be configured to work with any RFID devices suppliers. These wristbands are ideal for various applications including access control tickets, cashless payments, identification, info tracking and so on.


A. Sport Match Tourists Management
For current sports competitions, many fans have a sense of the home team, then RFID wristbands can be used as tickets to events, and there can also be a payment function, and spectators can quickly pay to buy snacks and increase event revenue.

B. Party / Event Use
For party attendees, a beautiful RFID wristband that can be used as a ticket or collectible is very attractive, and the number of wristbands can also reflect the love of fans

C. Company Access Control / Attendance
For a company, attendance is a very important thing, RFID technology can be used as a simple and direct solution, and the wristband is relatively more comfortable than the badge, more conducive to creating a good office atmosphere, but also can use the wristband as the key to the locker

D. Scenic visitor management
For scenic spots or amusement parks, there are many tourists, it is difficult to manage, but when you use RFID technology, you can easily and quickly manage tourists to use the corresponding facilities and increase the convenience of payment.

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