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RFID Protection Card

E-field Anti Hacker 13.56Mhz RFID Credit Card Blocker

RFID Signal Blocking Card for Wallet Using

Craft Surpport:Logo printing, QR code, Bar code, Serial number printing, ect



Chip Shielding Chip
Frequency 13.56Mhz
Size: 85.5*54*0.9/1.2/1.5mm
Color Customize
Material PVC
Printing Process Offset printing, Silk screen printing, Digital printing  
Craft Surpport Logo printing, QR code, Bar code, Serial number printing, ect
Reading Distance 3-6cm
Special Feature Waterproof
Operating Temperature -25— +85

How RFID Systems Work:


Step 1:During a typical RFID card payment the card reader constantly transmits electromagnetic pulses.  

Step 2:When a RFID enabled card is in range of the card reader it receives electromagnetic waves with its antenna and converts them to electric currents.

Step 3:The microprocessor generates a coded message with the payment or identity data.

Step 4which is then transmitted back to the card reader using the card’s internal antenna

RFID Protection Card


1.Secure your wallet from e-pickpocketing: Prevent potential identity and financial theft through your contactless cards. Don’t become a victim e-theft in our growing contactless society. This is the simplest and most effective prevention solution! Block all RFID and NFC signal to secure your details and have peace of mind.

RFID Protection Card

2.Ultrathin & compact: At the size of a standard credit card and at only 0.9mm thick, the blocking card will fit into any wallet, purse or card case. Keep your wallet compact with no added bulk from this blocking card.

RFID Protection Card

3.Jamming chip: An antenna and jamming chip makes up the main components of the blocking card. The antenna will sense incoming radio waves and draw power for the chip to create a jamming blocking signal. Lifetime usage as the card does not require battery.

RFID Protection Card

4.Convenience: You no longer need to use any protector, card sleeves or wrap your credit card in foil. Just keep blocking card together with your cards in your wallet to ensure RFID security. Make your beloved wallet or card holder safe.

RFID Protection Card


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