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Type: WW-001

Material: Woven / Fabric ;

Weight: it depends on the size;

Working Frequency: 125KHz/13.56MHz/860-960MHz ;



The RFID woven wristband is a low cost RFID wristband solution for RFID or NFC integration. Toptag supplies woven wristbands with different custom logo printed and with different RFID chips embedded. Our RFID wristbands can be configured to work with RFID system suppliers.

Product Parameters:




Disposable or reusable


Wristband: 350*15mm, Tag: 40*25mm/26*35mm



Encapsulated chip

LF 125KHz ( ISO11784/5 )

TK4100, EM4305, T5577, Hitag 1, Hitag 2, Hitag S etc

HF 13.56MHz ( ISO14443A / ISO15693 )

FM11RF08, NTAG213/215/216, Mifare Classic S50, Mifare Classic S70, Ultralight EV1, Mifare Desfire EV1 2K(4K, 8K), Mifare Plus 2K(4K), I CODE SLI, TI2048, Topaz512 etc

UHF 860-960MHz ( ISO18000-6C )

U CODE GEN2, Alien H3, Monza 3/4/5/6, etc

Reading distnace

LF/HF: 1-10cm; UHF: 1-10m

Writing Cycle

100,000 times

Working temperature

 -30°C ~75°C

Special Service

  1. Customized logo/brand
  2. Full color printing / Sublimation printing
  3. Encoding: URL, CUID, Text etc


Waterproof, durable, dustproof

RFID Woven Wristband


1.Comfort: Fabric tape wristbands are made of soft and comfortable materials, suitable for extended wear. They usually have adjustable sizes to accommodate different wrist sizes.
2.Durability: Fabric tape wristbands are typically made of high-quality materials, providing durability and water resistance. This makes them suitable for outdoor activities, sports events, music festivals, and other occasions where they need to be worn frequently and exposed to different environments.
3.Customization: The appearance of fabric tape wristbands can be customized according to requirements. Different colors, printed markings, logos, and more can be chosen to adapt to various branding and event needs.

Packing Details:


100pcs/bag, 5000pcs/cartom

Carton dimensions







1.Event Access Control: RFID wristbands are used as part of event access control systems to identify and authenticate participants, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter specific areas or event venues.
2.Cashless Payments: Some events or venues may utilize RFID wristbands as a form of cashless payment system. Users can link their wristbands to their bank accounts or prepaid accounts to facilitate payments through simple touch or scan.
3.Medical Records: In healthcare settings, RFID wristbands can be used to store and access patients’ medical records. Healthcare professionals can quickly retrieve vital information such as allergies, medical history, and prescriptions using RFID readers.
4.Amusement Parks and Theme Parks: RFID wristbands find extensive use in amusement parks and theme parks. They can be used for park entry access, expedited entry, child safety, and more, providing convenient and secure experiences for visitors.
5.Conferences and Exhibitions: RFID wristbands are employed for identity verification, check-in, and access control at conferences and exhibitions. They help organizers manage participants more efficiently and provide personalized experiences and interactions.
6.Sports and Fitness Events: In sports competitions, marathons, fitness events, and similar occasions, RFID wristbands can be used for timing, participant identification, and performance recording, providing accurate data statistics and management.


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