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Customized PPS RFID Shelf Tag

Long Range Passive Uhf Rfid Hard Tag, Rfid ABS Hard Anti Metal

Screw Installation Shelf Tag For Industrial Management

Type: VT-P7025

Chip: Alien Higgs-3  Monza R6 or Custom

Working Frequency: 902-928MHz/ 865-868MHz

Operating Temperature: -50 ~ +230℃

Reading Distance: 0.5~2.5m

Additional Crafts: laser printing

Products Parameters:

70*25*5mm;  79*21*12mm; 68*36*8mm;
IP Rating
RFID Protocal
EPC Class1-Gen2, ISO-18000-6C
User Memory
Screw, Rivet, Adhesive


A smart shelf tag is a small electronic device that is designed to provide real-time information about products on store shelves. It is made from high temperature-resistant material PPS for outdoor use and industrial application, and it’s anti-shaking by using the screw to fix firmly.  These tags are typically used in retail settings, although they can also be used in other industries such as healthcare and logistics.


1. Product information: Smart shelf tags can provide detailed information about products, including price, description, and availability.
Stock levels: Smart shelf tags can be used to track inventory levels in real-time, allowing retailers to quickly restock products as needed.
2. Promotions: Smart shelf tags can be programmed to display promotions or special offers, helping to increase sales and drive customer engagement.
3. Analytics: Smart shelf tags can be used to collect data on customer behavior, such as which products are being viewed or purchased, allowing retailers to make data-driven decisions.

Customized PPS RFID Shelf Tag

Customized PPS RFID Shelf Tag


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