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Access Control Card

Custom Logo Printing RFID LF 125Khz RFID PVC Card ID Smart Card for Access Control

Material: PVC,Metal,Wood       
Printing Process: Offset printing, Silk screen printing, Digital printing
Craft Surpport: (1)Surface: glossy,matt,frosted laminated/finished,UV varnish
                        (2)Magnetic strip 
                        (3)Signature panel and scratch panel
                        (4)Barcode, QR Code
                        (5)Hot stamping gold/silver color
                        (6)Hologram sticker, hologram overlay, Uniewabl printing
                        (7)Numbering: laser code, thermal printing, DOD printing, embossing,etc
Reading Distance: LF/HF:2-5cm
Special Feature: Waterproof  
Operating Temperature: -25℃- +85℃

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Products name
 Access Control Card cards
85.5*54 mm or customized shape
0.84mm, 0.88mm ,3 mm or customized
PDF AI CDR or Tiff ,Jpg with 300dpi resolution file
1000 pieces 6.5 kg,2000 pieces 13 kg.
According to the order quantity, we provide bubble bag packaging, carton packaging, etc.
Delivery time
The card production time is 5-7days, and the fastest transportation time can reach 5-7 days depends on the shipping way you choose. If shipped to China, it will costs less time, can be 2-3 days.

Structure of Smart Card:

Access Control Card

Surface Ctaft:  

Access Control Card


1.Digitally Immersive Experience: RFID card give you the ultimate freedom to create environment where you can saves time, effort, and make the most complicated tasks more simple in just one touch. Makes your life more simple and colorful.Access Control Card2.Easy Operate: You just need hover your phone over the card, data will send to your phone directly, No need internal energy, no need battery, no manual pairing. Compatible and programmable with all NFC-enabled cell phones and devices. Simple touch make your phone much more fun.
Access Control Card3.Stable material:PVC cards are designed to work with NFC devices or NFC compliant proximity coupling devices including other NFC-enabled phones and tablets; Made of durable waterproof PVC material can be placed outdoors or near water without the risk of losing functionality; No adhesive, not designed for use on metal surfaces
Access Control Card4.Custom profile:You can add the information you want to share: your logo, your social networks, your website, your email, and more. And if you later wish to edit this information, you can do it at any time.Access Control Card


Access Control Card

Why does the NFC card rise in our daily life?

The rise of NFC (Near Field Communication) is a result of wireless communication technology that enables devices in close proximity to engage in near-field communication. The emergence of NFC technology can be traced back to the widespread adoption of mobile payments and smartphones in recent years.

Here are several key factors contributing to the rise of NFC cards:

Proliferation of mobile payments: With the widespread adoption of smartphones and the introduction of mobile payment services such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, people have begun to rely more on their phones for making payments. NFC technology plays a crucial role in mobile payments as it facilitates fast and secure communication within close proximity, allowing smartphones to interact with POS terminals or other NFC-enabled devices.
Convenient and fast payment method: NFC cards, as a payment option, offer convenience and speed. Users simply need to tap their NFC-enabled cards or devices near a POS terminal to complete the payment, without the need for inserting cards or entering passwords. This simplified payment process enhances efficiency and convenience, leading more users to opt for NFC cards for payment purposes.
Versatile applications: NFC technology is not limited to mobile payments but also finds applications in various other fields. For instance, NFC cards can be used for access control systems, enabling users to swipe cards for entry and exit control. They can also be utilized for transportation payment systems like transit cards, making it convenient for users to commute on public transport. Additionally, NFC cards find applications in electronic ticketing, identity verification, and data transfer, among other scenarios.
Support from merchants and service providers: To meet user demands and provide greater convenience, an increasing number of merchants and service providers have begun to support NFC technology. They update their POS terminals to support NFC payments and offer NFC cards as one of the payment methods. This push has driven the rise of NFC cards and provided users with more options.
In summary, the rise of NFC cards is driven by the popularity of mobile payments, the convenience of the payment method, versatile applications, and support from merchants and service providers. NFC cards offer users a more convenient and secure payment and application experience, playing an increasingly significant role in modern life


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