RFID CableTie Tag

Short Description:

1, lightweight, easy to install, anti-demolition, waterproof, high temperature, high security, indoor and outdoor
2 can be generic, multi-tag identification, identification of high sensitivity, fast, with Korfball unique identification code
3, RFID cable tie tag can be widely applied in warehouse management, pallet, in-land transportation, cash bags, postal bags and case tagging.

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4.1Cable Tie Tag (6)

The RFID cable tie tag is installed with cable tie.

It can handle various applications. such as the inventory system, cable management system etc,The key advantage is: it is a wafer/dust proof tag, and can be straped to the object you want to identify in very harsh environment.

Normally the cable tie TAG  is used for warehouse management, the chip inside is of UHF , which is a passive but have a good feature of long read range about 3-10metres based on the reader antenna size.

What is more, should you want your logo on it or want the tag UID NO. Visible, we also could silk print those on the ABS flag. Now do you think this is a great product?



1. High data integrity, fast data transfer.

2. Write endurance typcial at least 100000 cycles.

3. Data retention of 10 years. 

4. Anti-shock, waterproof and stable.

● Basic Parameters
Types Passive RFID tag
Working Frequency 13.56MHz, 860-960MHz
Protocol ISO14443A, ISO / IEC 18000-6C EPC Class1 Gen2
● Physical Parameters
Size 325x52x27mm,320x75x2mm,332x30x56mm, etc( customized size is available)
Packaging Materials PP+Nylon or ABS+ Nylon
Antenna Aluminum etching antenna
Color: Blue, Green, Yellow or customized.
Craft silkscreen printing, series number, barcode, laser engraving,Encoding, etc
● Performance parameters
Chip S50 / S70, Ultralight EV1 / Ultralight C, NTAG213 / 216, I CODE SLIX, FM1108, Alien H3, impinjM4D / M4E / M4QT / M5
Storage Related to the chip
Operating mode read and write
Data Retention > 10 years
Write Endurance 100,000 times
Reading distance 0-5cm, 0-10m (the reading range is related to the working condition and reader)
Enviromental parameters  
Operating temperature (-25 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃)
Storage temperature (-35 ℃ ~ + 75 ℃)
● Typical applications
Applications Logistics tracking management; Food traceability; Animal traceability; tracking the whole process information of product from processing to market


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