PPS Laundry Tag

Short Description:

Laundry Tags are robust and durable tags developed
specially for Laundry Linen management. These tag
are designed to withstand conditions of pressure, heat
and chemical resistance as per requirements of the
application. These tags facilitate contactless tracking
and inventory management of garments in textile rental
industrial laundry verticals

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● Basic parameters
Types PPS RFID Laundry Tag
Working Frequency 125Khz/13.56Mhz/860-860MHz
Protocol 125Khz: ISO11784/513.56Mhz: ISO14443A, ISO15693860-960UHF: ISO18000-6C
● Physical Parameters
Color customization
Size Size TAG-20/22/23.5/25.5/26,mm
Seal method injection molding
Main Materials PPS
 Lifetime  100-150 times 
Feature Excellent water proof, heat-resisting, Anti corrosiveness,Anti-wear.Repeatedly rubbing available and could be ironed directly. 
● Performance Parameters
Chip 125Khz: TK4100, T5577 etc13.56Mhz NXP Ntag213/215/216, NXP MIFARE Classic 1K/4K, NXP Desfire EV1 2K/4K/8K, NXP Ultralight EV1, NXP Ultralight C, Fudan F08, NXP ICODE SLIX, ICODE SLIX-S, ICODE SLIX-L,etc860-960Mhz: Alien H3/4, Monza 4/5, etc
Storage Depends on Chip
Operating mode Can read and write
Data Retention > 10 years
Endurance >100,000 times
Reading distance Depends on Chip
● Environmental parameters
Operating temperature -30 ℃~ +150 ℃
Storage temperature -30 ℃~ +180℃
● Typical applications
Applications Clothing industry, cloth printing and dyeing
industry, washing industry, medical logistics and other professional fields  


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