Valencia, Spain will conduct NFC bracelet transportation payment pilot

The Spanish city of Valencia will conduct a test experience with 100 local passengers and configure NFC bracelets for them to take the bus, subway, and rent bicycles. This project will be jointly implemented by Valencia transportation operators EMT Valencia, MetroValencia and Valenbisi and the low-income housing project EIGE.

It is understood that the Spanish company Pay[in] developed a mobile application for this service, and NXP provided it with this NFC wristband and related technology. Passengers will be able to pass through subway turnstiles and other public transportation services very easily with this wristband.

“The use of this APP is very simple.” Pay[in] related personnel said, “Users can purchase tickets or recharge the bracelet at any time and place by binding their credit card. Of course, the bracelet is the most convenient ticket. You can complete the payment by simply tapping the card reader while wearing the bracelet.”

The company also said that this application can query the consumption information of its transportation card in real time, and the application will be tested in other cities in Spain in the next few months.

Post time: May-06-2021