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Parking software is a comprehensive system based on RFID technologies that implements a 24-hour monitoring, automated calculation of vacant slots, electronic registration of in-out processes, access control.

It does not require any controllers. Reader connects DIRECTLY to any devices (barrier, garage door, turnstile, gate)

Hands-free & Automated RFID Parking Management System Ideal for parking lots, garages, campuses,

gated communities and other vehicle control areas, this system functions by automatically opening gates
and barriers exclusively for permit holders without the need for remote controls and regardless of weather
conditions. RFID parking – this permit passage without stopping by RFID tag. Parking software allows you to have
detailed information about the vehicle and its owner. Parking lots, garages, campuses and gated communities
looking for a turnkey solution to their parking management can now take advantage of the new RFID parking system.

The system is totally automated that opens gates and parking barriers,
Without pressing any buttons or using any remote controls.
Each vehicle has a tag that is applied inside the windshield or any other place (it can be a plastic card or a sticker).
When a vehicle approaches a gate or parking barrier, a tag is automatically identified by a reader that opens a gate or a barrier .

Post time: Mar-09-2020