Recresco uses RFID proximity alarm system in factory to reduce the risk of collision between people and vehicles

In the factory, moving vehicles can also collide with walking people. Therefore, Recresco has installed a close-range alarm system in its factory to reduce the risk of such accidents.

Gasgoo Automotive News Despite the successful introduction of new technologies and better working methods, collisions between people and cars/accidents still occur, especially in the scrap industry and demolition industry. According to foreign media reports, the glass recycling company Recresco has implemented strict health and safety policies in all factories, but recently the company has also installed ZoneSafe’s proximity alarm system to further improve work safety and reduce pedestrian collisions with work vehicles. risk.

Recresco has determined that vehicle movement and poor visibility are the main factors leading to the risk of pedestrian-vehicle collisions. Therefore, it hopes to invest in related technologies to help minimize such risks and improve worker safety.

After careful evaluation of the products on the market, Recresco decided to use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-ZoneSafe system in the work environment to increase safety.

ZoneSafe can be installed on mobile devices of all types and sizes, using RFID technology to create an invisible, 360-degree detection area around vehicles, assets, intersections and sidewalks.

In the process of work, all Recresco employees on site need to wear ZoneSafe electronic tags on their arms. When the proximity alarm system detects a pedestrian around the mobile device, it will issue a loud and visible alarm to warn the vehicle operator to immediately stop moving.

Even if there are obstacles, blind spots, or low visibility, ZoneSafe tags can be detected without being in sight. The director of Recresco said: “We believe that the ZoneSafe system is an effective way to ensure the safety of pedestrians in the factory.”

Post time: Jun-25-2021