How to strengthen the RFID awareness of store employees

When retailers experience a business crisis, store employees are the “warriors” on the front line. For RFID projects, I have many years of experience. I know that getting employees interested in new RFID projects can improve the operating efficiency of the store. So how can store employees actively invest in new RFID projects? The following experience Can share with you:

1. Make the most of mobile devices

The old-fashioned retail equipment is relatively large in size and cumbersome to operate; the new retail equipment is relatively small in size, has a relatively simple operation interface, and does not require too much time for training. The manager of the retail store only needs to give the employee a smart phone with a specific APP, introduce him to the different functions of different APPs and demonstrate to him on the phone, so that the employees can easily know how to use these functions. These devices can let employees know what is happening, for example, order execution or product positioning.

 2. Let employees understand the convenience of RFID

My favorite is to demonstrate to store employees how to use RFID to quickly find the products that customers want. Store employees like this tool because it saves them a lot of time in finding products. Automating some routine tasks in the store can not only increase the motivation of employees, but also improve the accuracy of store data, and employees can spend more time serving customers.

3. Focus on best sellers and new products

Most retailers conduct inventory counts on a regular basis. The RFID system can be combined with the checkout system. It can help retailers clearly know which items are selling well and need to be restocked; retailers can use the dynamic task manager to replenish new products and keep the best sellers in stock at all times . Maintaining the right inventory can not only provide customers with a good shopping experience but also increase sales for retailers. Regular use of RFID readers for inventory counting can ensure that the right products are displayed at the right time and at the right place.

4. Let everyone be a beneficiary

Provide RFID system training for all new and old employees so that they can understand the role of RFID. Once these employees are familiar with RFID, they can provide training for new employees or part-time students. When implementing an RFID project, retailers can first select some products to test inventory counting or product positioning functions, so that every employee can understand how RFID can help them simplify their work processes as soon as possible. Usually, retailers choose inventory management to start RFID projects, because after RFID and the checkout system are combined, inventory data can be updated instantly, and employees can quickly know which products need to be added to the shelves, eliminating the need for employees to repeat inventory.

5. Keep it fresh and fun

Encourage employees to learn from each other, maintain teamwork and reward outstanding employees; some retailers will use some competitions to reward those employees who can accurately execute omni-channel marketing orders within a specific time. Retailers can also use RFID to provide customers with freshness and fun. For example, clothing retailers can provide customers with more product information and encourage customers to shop for consumption.

(The author of this article is Sonya Weed, RFID project manager of Checkpoint Systems Co., Ltd.)

Post time: Apr-02-2021