Long range ISO11754/5 RFID Ear tag stick reader

Short Description:

Animal Ear Tag reader is conveniently used in breeding stock and dairy stock management, fat stock breeding, slaughter and so on.
In animal identification, the reader can recognize the tag number automatically without contact or human intervention. It can ensure tag number’s unique and counterfeit proof features with its mature, stable and unique design.

Product Detail

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Menu description

ear tag applicator


1、  Best performances when all AA batteries are freshly new (Re-chargeable battery is NOT preferred);

2、  Replace batteries quickly within one minute to avoid loss of system time.

Record Queryto query scanned tags’ ID records saved in the reader;

System Setting

Sound: to turn on/off the sound;
Bluetooth: to turn on/off the Bluetooth function;
Power: to set time of wait before entering into stand-by mode if idle
Time: to set the system time lock. Use scan key to switch between date and time; set the value of “day-month-year” or “HH-MM-SS” by using << >> keys; press OK to save the setup;
Language: to select which language to display;
System Upgrade: menu to upgrade system firmware driver. Recommend to consult manufacturer’s guidance;

Device informationto display the device type and firmware version.

Technical specification

Main Parameter



Power supply

4 AA batteries

Working frequency

125KHz/134.2 KHz/13.56MHz

Data communication

USB、Bluetooth (optional)、WiFi (optional)

Screen display

128*64 resolution OLED

System clock




Storage capability

More than 10,000 data records

RFID standards

ISO11784/5 FDX-B, HDX, ID64, ISO14443-A


Chinese/ English


Packing box、USB cable


One year

Bluetooth Demo

Prior to demo, please install Apps. iBridge_SDK_Demo.apk on an android phone

1.Turn on android phone’s Bluetooth radio, and start the Apps, and Click the Discovery device button in as shown in Fig.1 to search and display the device with Bluetooth function open nearby.

2. Click the targeted device in Fig. 2 and the Connect device button in Fig.3.

3. In the pop-up window as shown in Fig.4, input the password to connect with ELD5800 stick reader. The default password was set to be ”1234”.

4. Upon connected, data can be transferred between mobile phone and ELD5800 stick reader.


Apple iPhone

To pair with Apple iPhone, please scan the following QR code.

1.Open the app, and enter into the interface shown in Fig. 6, then click BLE (Central) on the top to receive data;

2.As shown in Fig. 7, the device is not connected so far. Click search button to look for Bluetooth devices. In the pull-down menu, select BLUESOLEILE device. Upon connected, the interface shows BLUESOLEILE connected, as in Fig. 8;

3.The data transferred are shown in the field.



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