ABS UHF anti-metal tag

Short Description:

1, a good anti-metal properties can be achieved in metal performance long-range reader with anti-metal, high temperature, water, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance and other characteristics

2, multi-tag identification, identification of high sensitivity, fast, with co ball

3, unique identification code, mainly for warehouse pallets, equipment inspection, asset tags and other metal application support

Product Detail

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Chip Alien Higgs3, Impinj Zonza 3/4and other chips available on request.
Size 135×21×12.5mm79x31x10.5mm85x20x11
Memory Depends on rfid chip
Working frequency 860—960Mhz
Reading distance up to 8cm( reading distance will be affected by working environment and equipment power)
Working temperature -25—65℃
Storage temperature -35—75℃
Production craft  Adhesive Glue
Standard  ISO 18000-6C EPC G2
Material ABS
 Working life 10 years
Feature: Foam adhesive, anti-metal 
Humidity environment: Humidity environment: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use dirt, dust, and water resistant.                        

used in tracking management,property management and logistic tracking management.


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